Fedele Mario Costruzioni Meccaniche
Technology and development at the service of agriculture, horticulture, tobacco culture and nursery

Fedele Mario in 1979.

From a small family-run company to a point of reference in the field of agricultural technologies on international markets.

Our story began in 1975, with the production and launch of the first Fedele Costruzioni Meccaniche brand tobacco machine, a name that over time became synonymous with functionality and reliability.

During our more than 45 years of experience we have continued our activity focusing on quality and innovation, carefully selecting the materials used and adopting cutting-edge technology systems, with the aim of offering our customers efficient agricultural machines with excellent performance in terms of production and destined to last over time.

Today, thanks to the development of a solid commercial network supporting the end customer, we export transplanters, mulching machines, bed makers, bed formers, multiple inter-row milling machines, tobacco sewing machines, all over the world, assuring our customers advice for the purchase of machinery and after-sales assistance.

Customised solutions

The idea of mass production “does not suit us” all our products must be able to respond perfectly to the needs of each customer, whatever the characteristics of its business. We have all types of customers, from large companies to agricultural consortia, up to individual independent horticulturists determined to improve their production.

The customer and its needs are at the heart of our project. We are able to customize every required machine quickly, guaranteeing the quality of the final result.


Do you need to set up or renovate your agricultural machinery fleet?

Fedele in the world

Where you can find us

We focus on updating and believe in constructive comparison. Being present at the most important events for our sector of activity allows us to get in touch with new realities, to confront ourselves with our competitors and, above all, with our potential customers.