Finger Transplanter mod. Plant

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ENTRY-LEVEL finger transplanter, both for its extreme ease of use (also by unskilled labourers) and for its excellent value for money. For planting of seedlings both with bare root and with conical, pyramidal and cylindrical shaped peat max 5 cm in diameter and max cubic 4 × 4 cm

Provided as standard with flex rubber tamping wheels (for perfect functionality even on wet soil). Also available with parallelograms.

Adjustable plant spacing inter-row min. 49 cm (with kit on request min. 20 cm) and max on request.

Adjustable plant spacing in the row with distributor to:

  • 10 pincers min. 23 cm max 77 cm
  • 15 pincers min. 16 cm max 52 cm
  • 20 pincers min. 13 cm max 77 cm

Planter Ideal for all types of vegetables and tobacco; also for lavender, strawberry Frigo plants, sweet potato, sugar cane and for biomass, and miscanthus. Adaptable also for the planting of cuttings and vines.

  • Device for watering
  • Microgranulator
  • Fertilizer applicator
  • Row marker
  • Furrow opener cutting discs
  • Front furrower
  • Parallelogram
  • Hydraulic folding frame
  • Different types of seedling holders

We have a wide range of accessories. Contact us for more information.





Plant 3+2 with irrigation system

Plant 3+2 for inter-row min. 20 cm

Plant with extension for inter-rows min. 35 cm


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