Transplanters on mulched soil

Tractor-pulled planters with modular elements for planting on mulched soil

Automated transplantation on mulched soils often presents critical issues related to the possibility of damaging the sheets used for mulching during planting of the clod. Precise and reliable, our transplanters are designed to ensure optimal positioning of the peat seedling, at the correct spacing and depth, without causing damage to the surface of the mulching sheet even in the presence of soil irregularities (regardless of the type of material used: plastic film, photo selective, reflective or biodegradable film). Fedele transplanters are suitable for planting seedlings with different shape and size clods, for vegetables, tobacco, strawberries, melons, watermelons and more.

We do not propose just simple mass-produced machines, but manufactured with care in the processing and in the choice of details, customizable on the basis of your actual needs, to ensure better work performance.

Transplanter MAX

Requested on national and international markets due to its extreme versatility, this transplanter is equipped with vertical…

Transplanter MAX-M

The Transplanter is equipped with vertical rotating perforating cups that allow transplanting vegetable seedlings…

Combined Film layer + Transplanter THOMAS + MAX-M

Flagship of Fedele, the combined Transplanter…

Transplanter MAX-DUO

Semi-automatic transplanter with single operator workstation every 2 rows, equipped with a 12-cups…

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