Mixer Cutter and hiller row bed maker

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Recommended for the preparation of even hard land and simultaneous forming of beds. It breaks the soil down making the bed for seeding or transplanting uniform optimizing the drainage and thus facilitating the growth of the plants. Equipped with a rotor that rotates counterclockwise it also acts as a stones burier. It is able to prepare one or more beds in a single step, satisfying all the needs of the user.

Also available the combined version Bed former + Mulching machine: Mixer + Thomas, for the realization in a single step of three works: milling, bed forming and mulching process for the optimization of costs and work times. The two pieces of equipment are completely independent and if necessary they can work connected by means of a kit.

  • Furrower to make multiple beds
  • Devices for pesticides and fertilizers
  • Hydraulic regulation system
  • Concave roller for formed bed
  • Motorized roller
  • Double cone

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Mixer 160

Mixer 120 with microgranulator and Fertilizer applicator

Mixer 120 with microgranulator and Fertilizer applicator

Mixer with motorized roller and double cone


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