Transplanter mod. Fast-ST

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The FAST-ST semi-automatic transplanter is available (like the FAST model) with a rotating feeder

  • with 12 or 9 cups for pairs of rows min. 40 cm. (min. 30 cm. on request)
  • with 6 cups for pairs of rows min. cm. 35.

It features a non-centralised traction system: with an independent, swinging wheel for each transplanter element, allowing greater adaptability to difficult soils and perfect tamping. High productivity.

Suitable for the planting of conical, cylindrical and pyramidal shaped clod seedlings up to 3.5 cm in diameter and from 4 cm to 6 cm with kit on request. Planters ideal for tomatoes (also for industry), peppers, cabbage, caulifl ower, tobacco, fennel, leeks, aubergines, carrots, sugar cane, chamomile, eucalyptus and salad (but with slightly developed foliage). He best transplanter also for hemp. Adjustable plant spacing in the row (6-66 cm) and planting depth. Extremely easy to use and highly productive.

  • Microgranulator
  • Fertilizer applicator
  • Quick replacement of the gears to change the planting space in the row
  • Water doser
  • Tank
  • Roller compactor
  • Furrow opener cutting disc
  • Adjustable front furrower
  • Row marker (mechanical or hydraulic lifting)
  • Hydraulic and telescopic folding frame
  • Cups extension kit for tall and leafy seedlings
  • Slide for soft soil

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